Complete details on this plan will be posted later in the TATC website


1. To increase participation in the cabin maintenance & orientation trips
2. To reward frequent cabin maintenance participants for their hard work and effort


1. Be a current member of TATC
2. Attend at least two (of four) scheduled cabin maintenance & orientation trips in the current year
     a. Qualifying maintenance participation is determined by the designated trip leader
3. Attend one of the following:
     a. Attend a third scheduled cabin maintenance & orientation trip in the current year
     b. Or, attend one (of two) scheduled Sherando maintenance weekend in the current year

INCENTIVE: After becoming eligible in the current year, the eligible member is able to reserve the cabin
for a private trip beyond the normal 8 week reservation window. The eligible member is still responsible
for cabin rental fees. The incentive can be used for the remainder of the current year or for some period
in the next calendar year. The incentive must be used by the end of the following calendar year. It is a
use it or lose it incentive and it is non-transferable.

DISCLAIMER: The Cabin Committee has the option to reschedule or cancel a reservation due to
unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency maintenance trip, inadvertent double booking of the
cabin, or other applicable reasons.